Commercial locksmith

Commercial locksmith service does not have to be expensive. Many commercial locks are easy to work on, therefore, inexpensive to service. Call us right now and find out how affordable commercial locksmith service can really be. We can get, install, repair, and service most commercial locks.

Residential locksmith

Popular doesn't always mean good. Locks like the Smartkey from Kwikset are extremely popular, but offer little protection for your home. At Locksafety, residential locksmith service is taken very seriously. We can help you chose, install, repair and maintain most residential locks for your home.

Locked-out Service

If you try to unlock your car with a cloth hanger, you risk ripping off the weather stripping that runs around the edge of the door. This is what keeps rain and noise from getting into your vehicle. Don't risk it and call us! Locksafety can safely unlock your vehicle, home, place of business, and a lot more.